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Love My Art Studio Lighting!

Five years ago, my husband renovated my studio. Although the absence of natural north light was a disappointment, I now love the studio lighting. It is the perfect temperature and consistent. The amount and direction of the light is completely under my control. I did some research and decided on LED lighting panels and LED strip lighting from Home Depot, I used 4000 Kelvin lights following the advice of several gallery owners. Most felt the LED lighting seemed too cool at 5000 Kelvin. I also noticed when I painted under cooler lights my paintings seemed too warm when viewed in the rest of the house. The LED lights are 4 foot each and 4000 lumens. They can be bright so, dimmable is a must. Each light is on a separate switch. I can control the amount and direction of ambient light all around the studio. I can use one four foot flat panel light for unidirectional light on a subject or a Home Depot Clip on compact florescent light, clipped to the exposed ceiling rafters. I also have several light stands with compact florescent lights. The most powerful of these has 4 compact florescent 5500 kelvin bulbs. I use a variety of thin gels or fireproof tulle to vary the color of the light on my subject.

LED Strip lighting for gallery wall

2 ' by 4 ' LED dimmable flat panel lights 4000 lumen each and 4000 Kelvin- Each on a separated dimmer switch

Lights dimmed to dimmest, middle and brightest settings

Compact florescent clip in light 5500Kelvin - clipped to rafter and Impact light with 4 compact florescent bulbs. Pink and blue tulle is used to soften the light and adjust the color. Hanging is a clear pink gel that I also use at times.

Standing light with compact florescent bulb and fireproof pink tulle to soften and adjust color of light.


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