Hanging Instructions for Large Paintings

The recent installation of two very large abstract painting, 8 X 5 feet was a challenge. These paintings were hung with the lowest side 18 feet off the ground, on walls directly opposite each other. We used one 40-foot extension ladder and a 16-foot folding ladder. Three people were needed for the installation. One to climb the extension ladder, the second to secure the extension ladder and prevent it from sliding backwards, the third to climb the folding ladder and help lift the painting. A craft paper template was made and hung to determine the best placement for the paintings. We used 200 lb., eighteen inch, French cleat picture hanger, purchased at Home Depot, to secure each painting.

Stretching and Priming A Large Canvas

Stretching and Priming the Canvas After constructing the frame I begin stretching the canvas. I use unprimed artist canvas #12/72 from Big Duck Canvas Warehouse http://www.bigduckcanvas.com/artists-canvas/unprimed-canvas-rolls.html. I cut a piece of canvas 6 inches larger than each dimension of the frame. Lay the canvas on a clean surface on the floor and place the frame on top, with 3 inches extra on each side. Using an electric staple gun place the first staple mid way along the longer side. Then using the canvas pliers pull the canvas at mid point on the opposite side and secure with a staple. Next do the same at the midpoints of the shorter sides. The canvas will have diamond shaped pul

Stretching a Large Canvas - Building the Frame

I grew up around a scenic art studio and was fortunate to pick up some very useful skills for an artist. Stretching very large flats for the stage just came in handy. I have been commissioned (by my daughter) to paint a few 8 foot abstract paintings for her new home. I though some of my very talented artistic friends might find this tutorial helpful. I started by ordering some heavy duty Jack Richeson stretcher bars from Jerry’s Artarama. I placed my order at the Norwalk store and found the staff very helpful. On line ordering is also possible. http://www.jerrysartarama.com/ I ordred two 96 inch and two 60 inch heavy duty stretcher bars.. The Framing Guide on the Jack Richeson website ht

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