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CSOPA FaceTime Portrait Stories

Jumping Waves by Cindy Wagner

This family portrait is of my three grandchildren. We were on a family holiday at the Breakers. The idea for the painting was inspired by Potthast paintings at the beach. I wanted to capture the joy of childhood for my grandchildren. The clothes were preplanned and purchased for the painting. Mom ( a certified lifeguard) and dad stood by as I allowed the children to run and play near the water. I played with them and shot many photos. Several were used to compose

the painting. Cole the eldest was waiting for the waves and jumping, Reid was saying behind Cole trying to keep up and truly enjoying himself. The session was going well until the Claire the daredevil decided to run into the water up to her neck and mom announced drowning her kids in pursuit of a painting was unacceptable.

Emme and Ella

My beautiful niece Emme and her dog Ella sat for this painting. We finished a photo session of Emme and her younger brother Pierce on the family patio. Emme and her brother were not happy about posing for the photos. We went inside and I noticed the striking light falling on the white chair. Emme thought she was done, but she agreed to help her Aunt get a photo of her dog Ella. Emme is an independent bright and charming young girl. The painting evolved from several photos. During the painting process, frequent visits to Emme’s house and time spent with Emme kept the colors fresh and was always fun.

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