Studio Renovation: Paint Color for Artist Studio

I was perseverating about the paint color for the ceiling of my artist studio. The solution was to prime it dark gray and see if that helps with the decision. From there I can go either black or white. I would love to claim this was my brilliant idea, but actually, William Hagan at PPG paints in Westport suggested this. Thank you, William for expert help in choosing the correct products for my project and your creative thoughts. Jeff and I decided to start some of the painting ourselves and see how it goes. The exposed ceiling was sprayed with a primer that works on varied surfaces, metal, plastic, wood. I used Pittsburg Paint. The label on the can is 17-921B-4Y. The ceiling primer paint i

Studio Renovation Paint Color

Originally I wanted a white unfinished ceiling. The painter explained there are lots of imperfections, nails and splinters. All of these will be very visible with a white ceiling. The electrician explained the white would also have visible shadows detailing all the imperfections. They both recommended black. My fear is that it will feel like a cave with black. The painter did a sample of black and white. I still am not sure.

Studio Renovation

So here is the hubby trying to decide if the two by fours near the staircase are support beams. A friend was here while we discussed this and she called her husband, (A master carpenter and home builder), telling him he had to stop here at the end of his work day to make sure Jeff kept the support beams.

The Studio Renovation Continues

My husband went to his favorite toy store, Home Depot, and bought some new toys, Oh, I meant tools. He is busy putting something together as a railing to replace the stair wall he removed.

Basement Studio Renovation

Well, I mentioned to my hyperactive husband that I would like to renovate my studio. I returned home to find my studio empty, all my supplies crammed into the unfinished part of our basement and some sheetrock removed from the wall near my stairwell. I do not have many before photos because I did not expect such rapid destruction. The studio space had a low (7 foot ) drop ceiling. The space was a bit cut up with a half wall on one side of the stairwell. The light fixtures were florescent with a combination of 4000 and 5000 kelvin tubes. The plan is to make the space clean and industrial looking. The goal is a contemporary workspace minus any unnecessary distractions. The demolition began. T

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