Dancing Through Life Series 

My current obsession is Ballet paintings. I always enjoyed dance and took dance classes as a young girl. A high school car accident ended my flexibility and made dance difficult. It was probably a blessing. I loved to dance but I was never a great dancer. I spent time painting instead at my dad’s set production company. We created sets for many of the NYC ballets. Some of the dance companies would rehearse at the shop utilizing the sets. I have wonderful memories creating sets and going to the theater with my dad to see the ballet sets and costumes. Years ago my daughters danced. I drove them back and forth but did not take time to really enjoy observing and documenting the process. I created few dance paintings of them and will always regret that. I am now frantically trying to capture the joy and  beauty of dance through the happy moments I share with my young granddaughters and grandnieces. These little dancers are exuberant, sometimes graceful and always fun to be with. I know how fast they will grow, change and find other ways to spend their time. I want to capture these moments to have and hold forever.