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Series of Oil paintings


  Passages Series:

This collection is inspired by the passage of time and life experiences. It represents a lifetime of experiences and admired places and passages. Some passages are architectural and literal, the beauty of the light and design is the the focal point. Other paintings are inspired by passages more obscure and emotional . All are based on reference material gather when traveling and spending time with people I love. To stress the abstract paths and textures of life, I decided to keep the focus of the paintings in this series abstract design and texture. I am very much a colorist, but I tried to control the use of color while painting his series.


THE PASSAGE STORY- Passage: By Faded Revolutionary Words.This Passage painting originated with a Trip to Cuba. My mother- in law made the Passage from Cuba to The USA on her own at age 14. She started out in the midwest and then moved to the Bronx. Her mother, sister and brother came later to join her. This was a very difficult passage for her and there were scars along the way. When it became possible to travel to Cuba from the USA, my sister-in-law wanted to see where her mother lived in Havana, with the idea of possibly bringing her mother there at a later date. My husband was not interested in traveling to Cuba with his sister so I did. The site of this painting is La Guarida, a restaurant that is one of the oldest restaurants in Havana. It is still a beautiful place. I can only imagine how spectacular it was prior to the revolution. We did see her home in Havana.  Perhaps it will be another Passage to paint.

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