Design Strategies For Abstract Paintings

I have another large abstract painting commission. In preparation for this I did three sample paintings to help the client decide what would work in the space. The client requested cool bright colors for this painting. The first sample was loosely inspired by several photos taken from the space shuttle. The second sample was based on a painting I did from life of a Pink Peony. The third was inspired by some of my sketches of seaweed and other items from the beach. After some discussion the client and I decided on the Space Dragon design. The concept spoke to the client. She thought the design was unique and her child is currently enamored by dragons. The dark purple background might be too d

Refining Linseed Oil

I have been experimenting with making my own refined linseed oil and walnut oil for painting. I have a small crock-pot full of organic walnut oil. Trying to slowly heat it and not blow up the kitchen. The linseed oil has been washed once with the kids play sand, and salt water. I separated the oil from the water and gook at the bottom of the jar. It is resting now and hopefully will clear up a bit by tomorrow morning because it still looks pretty murky. The oil in I was trying to clean was mixed three times with salt water and sand. Then three distilled water washes with a small amount of sand. After each mixture I let it sit over night. I siphon off the oil from the top. I let the oil sit

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