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Abstract Painting From Concept to Completion

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A strong clear concept is essential when creating abstract paintings. This blog details the process of completing a pair of custom abstract paintings for a recently renovated city townhouse.

I began with a site visit t and client consultation. The home is a modern traditional home with brick exterior; high ceilings, crown moldings and white raised paneled walls. The furniture is classic with a contemporary flair. The client feels the current space appears too traditional and requested something lively.

As custom paintings the entire process is collaborative. The ideal size and placement for two paintings was determined. The client and I decided the magenta and gray graphic fabric on her Danish spoon chairs would be the inspiration color for the abstract paintings. From there several other colors were introduced to the mix. I used collection of colored silk fabric swatches to help the client visualize different color combinations that might work in the space. Magenta, lime green, yellow, burgundy, dark green and metallic gold or silver was the original concept colors.

Back in the studio I began a to scale design sketch for the paintings. I wanted one painting to be a continuation of the next. I created curved lines moving across the two sketches. I added a few circular shapes. Thinking about the colors and shapes reminded me of paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe. I began to see these paintings as inspired by her large flower paintings. I have a concept now.

The black and white pencil drawings determine design, line and textural elements. I traced the designs and then used colored pencil to determine a color plan. I believed I needed to add another bright color to the mix. With the approval of the client orange was added to the mix.

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