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Portrait Painting Process Pastel Color Sketch Demonstration

Painting Process 1 Faces of Children

This portrait is for the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists (CSOPA) event Faces of Children co sponsored by Stepping Stones Museum for Children and the Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum.

The subject of my portrait is a happy, vibrant and beautiful toddler girl.

Prior to our photo and sketch session, Mom and I discussed clothing, background and portrait size.

The initial sketch and photo session was at grandma’s house, where my very young subject would be most comfortable. I brought portable background supports, several background options, impact continuous daylight balanced lights with 4 blue max 50 watt bulbs and small soft box, Canon camera, tripod, pastels, and Julian easel. Photos were taken before, during and after the sketch session. The sketch was completed in 15 minutes while mom read to the child.

The sketch is primarily for color reference. With young children I use pastels for the sketch because I can get color notes quickly. I exaggerate some of the colors I see to use as a visual reminder during the painting process.

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