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Studio Renovation: Paint Color for Artist Studio

I was perseverating about the paint color for the ceiling of my artist studio. The solution was to prime it dark gray and see if that helps with the decision. From there I can go either black or white. I would love to claim this was my brilliant idea, but actually, William Hagan at PPG paints in Westport suggested this. Thank you, William for expert help in choosing the correct products for my project and your creative thoughts.

Jeff and I decided to start some of the painting ourselves and see how it goes. The exposed ceiling was sprayed with a primer that works on varied surfaces, metal, plastic, wood. I used Pittsburg Paint. The label on the can is 17-921B-4Y. The ceiling primer paint is grey about 5 on the value scale. I decided that I liked the grey primer and will try to keep that value and color. It is dark enough, imperfections are not glaring and light reflections should be well controlled. It is light enough, the room does not feel cave like. As Goldilocks would say, this one is just right.

I painted the walls a flat, light neutral grey. Pittsburg Paint Fog PPG 1010-1. I am obsessed with this color. I used this paint in various places in my home and find it looks good at all times of the day and night. I have various color artworks hanging on this wall color in my home, and it works with all of the different color combinations.

My next dilemma trim paint color and value. I am perseverating here as well. More to come....

Fog Pittsburg Paint color to display artwork
Fog Pittsburg Paint on kitchen wall looks good with varied artwork

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