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Hanging Instructions for Large Paintings

The recent installation of two very large abstract painting, 8 X 5 feet was a challenge. These paintings were hung with the lowest side 18 feet off the ground, on walls directly opposite each other. We used one 40-foot extension ladder and a 16-foot folding ladder. Three people were needed for the installation. One to climb the extension ladder, the second to secure the extension ladder and prevent it from sliding backwards, the third to climb the folding ladder and help lift the painting.

A craft paper template was made and hung to determine the best placement for the paintings. We used 200 lb., eighteen inch, French cleat picture hanger, purchased at Home Depot, to secure each painting. We used the longer cleat because we wanted to secure it on studs in the wall.,-Wall-Dog-Mounting-Screws-55316/202341629

Once the proper placement of the template was determined the wall component of the cleat was attached, flat side on the wall. The included small level and an additional one-foot level were used to insure a straight hanging parallel to the floor. The smaller of the two pieces of cleat hardware was attached to the canvas flat side against the canvas. The hardware was centered on the back upper stretcher bar, ½ inch from the top of the canvas. This piece must also be exactly parallel to the floor to insure a straight painting.

The ladders were placed. The tallest ladder was at a few feet above the height of the wall cleat. When the painting is lifted, it was be between the wall and the ladder. The painting was lifted about a foot above the wall cleat and then dropped into place.

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