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Who, What, When, Where, and Why Commission a Portrait

Why Commission a Portrait?

Lets start with why collect art? Collect art because it moves you. I saw a sketch of “Brunch At A Restaurant” in a friend’s home. It is the same restaurant the collector brunched with her family when she was young. I thought “Yes, that is just the right reason to collect art”. Art can remind you of happy moments.

I purchased a watercolor of three old men sitting on a bench. Something felt familiar about the old men. They reminded me of my grandfather. I learned from the artist they were a group of Italian American men resting between bocce games. My very own Italian American grandfather enjoyed bocce. Collect art you have an emotional connection to.

A recently completed a painting of a field with primarily cool colors will remain in my own home. My husband claims it sooths him. Collect art because it makes you feel good. I own a beautiful pencil portrait of myself by master artist Igor Babailov. The artist’s delicate pencil lines inspire me.

A painting of a young girl paying in the park by her home was commissioned just before the family moved. They wanted to remember the child at a specific place and time.

Commission a portrait painting because paintings have personality and vitality. A painting or drawing is always unique to the artist and the subject. Both profoundly influence the direction of the portrait. Artists do not simply copy the subject. They react to the subject using color, brushstroke, texture, mood, line and focus to create a work of art.

Commission a portrait because you admire someone or love someone. Commission a portrait to create an heirloom painting that will be cherished for many generations. Commission a portrait because it is relevant to your life and the people who you care deeply about.

When Should I Commission a Portrait?

Any time. I have painted portrait of older family members and newborns. I have painted wedding portraits and maternity portraits. I have painted portraits of toddlers, teens and young adults. It is important to remember there is no time like the present and if you wait too long this stage of your life, your child’s life or love ones life will be the past. It is always best to capture the present at the present time.

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