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Abstract Paintings

Large Abstract Installation Painting

Large abtract paintings custom sized colored and designed to perfectly compliment the home. The concept for cutom works are a collaboration between the artist and the collector or decorator

Poured Paint: Why?

As a realistic artist painting portraits for commission, I must be delicate and careful with my brushstrokes. There is often a great amount of control necessary to produce convincing likeness, skin, objects and landscape backgrounds. I love the delicate strokes that create this, but I also want some bold brushstrokes in those paintings. I believe this makes my painting look more interesting, real  and three dimensional, unlike a photograph which feels much more homogeneous to me. I create abstract paintings and poured paintings periodically to help me stay loose and keep me comfortable with letting the paint be paint. 

There is a connection between abstract painting and realism. Every realistic painting has an abstract design that defines it. Many abstract paintings are based on, or remind you of something real found in nature. 

I will often use one of my realistic paintings as an inspiration for the poured painting. The poured tulips were based on the painting Parade of Tulips. The realistic Pink Peony painting has inspired two green peony poured paintings and The large Poured Pink Peony painting. 

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