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Studio Renovation Storage Solutions

After the floors were installed in the smaller room, Jeff began putting together my storage units. A Uline 36 by 48 by 72 inch wire shelving comes with 6 shelves. He closely spaced shelves on the bottom for flat paper storage. On the top, a larger spaced shelf, with upright separation using heavy-duty picture frame wire will store canvas and hard boards. Two additional wire-shelving units were placed in the smaller room along with my computer and printer.

Two walls were upholstered with Velcro fabric will display frame corners. A furring strip frame was built and attached along the edges of the wall. 1/2 inch Dacron batting was stapled inside the furring strips. The Velcro fabric was then stretched and stapled to the furring strips. To make the edges look neat, painted poplar strips were applied over the fabric edges. An adjustable height worktable for cutting matt board completes the framing area.

Behind the model platform a 10-foot PVC grey tube from Home depot was hung from the exposed ceiling. Curtain rings with clips were added. This will hold backdrops for portraits and still life set-ups.

The bookshelf from Modern Shelving was put together and secured to the wall and filled with books.

A leaning bookshelf and mirror opposite the easel complete the studio.

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